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Optimization of Back Surface Reflector of Thermophotovoltaic system
Ali Hussain Kazim

##manager.scheduler.building##: Centre for Coal Technology Room-A
Date: 2019-12-13 12:10 PM – 12:30 PM
Last modified: 2019-12-03



An electrical power production system utilizing Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) in thermophotovoltaic system (TPV) is modeled which involves the storage of energy in a Thermal Energy Storage (TES). The process comprises a high temperature Tin liquid metal at 1750K which is transported to charge the TES containing Silicon as the Phase Change Material (PCM) and it is discharged by Tin which provides the irradiance at the PV cell in the TPV Power Block. Each ray from the heated source is traced in COMSOL and probability of photons reaching the cells is optimized by employing BSR to recycle photons which shows an increase in the power output of the TPV cells which are cooled by water for maintaining the optimum temperature of TPV cells which is more favorable to be around 300 K. A high BSR value is critical for maximizing phonon recycle which in turn would increase the amount of energy available for power generation. A parametric sweep is performed to obtain the effect of BSR on irradiance on PV system. TPV has potential to replace turbines in heat engines.