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PU moot recommends using renewable energy resources
PU moot recommends using renewable energy resources

LAHORE: (Tuesday, December 11, 2018): The national conference on energy crisis and its solutions organized by Punjab University College of Earth and Environmental sciences has recommended replacement of petrol, diesel or furnace oil with ethanol and cutting down power demand by 30 percent and government should implement these solutions in public buildings. The conference suggested replacement of diesel with ethanol with minor changes in motor engines, power plant engines, generators, conversion of trains to battery drives or hydrogen using ethanol, and introduction of cheap electric cars, motorcycles etc. The concluding session of the conference was organized at PU’s College of Earth & Environmental Sciences Seminar Hall here on Tuesday. Minister for Disaster Management Mian Khalid Mahmood, CEES Principal Prof Dr Sajid Rashid, PAAS General Secretary Dr Saleem Chaudhry, scientists and engineers from various parts of the country, faculty members and a large number of students were present on the occasion.

The scientists of the conference, presenting short term solutions, recommended that the government should make double glass windows and insulation mandatory in public and private buildings. They recommended that the government should ask investors for starting solar PV program 7,500 MW to 10,000 MW in existing buildings. They said 5,000 MW hydro projects should also be built in the next five years. They also recommended renovation of existing transmission and distribution system. Presenting long term solutions, the scientists recommended ethanol to replace petrol, diesel or furnace oil. They recommended to exploit potential of solar, coal, wind and hydro powers. They recommended to convert DISCOS into companies at circle level and install solar PV on all tubewells. The scientists also gave several recommendations for controlling oil import, developing power related institutions and introducing biogas. The conference also concluded that there is need to improve hydro-climate studies, adapt climate resilient strategies, arrange finances to tap available potential and exploit green energy resources. Addressing the concluding session, Provincial Minister Mr Khalid Mahmood said that the government was taking measures to resolve energy crisis as it was its top priority. He said that the government and the nation were making positive efforts to construct Bhasha and other dams. Prof Dr Sajid Rashid said that the conference recommendations could help resolve energy related issues in Pakistan.