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Increase in diabetes due to unhealthy life style: Dr Tahseen
Increase in diabetes due to unhealthy life style: Dr Tahseen

LAHORE: (Wednesday, December 12, 2018): Punjab University Chief Medical Officer Dr Tahseen Zameer has said diabetes is also rapidly increasing in our society due to our unhealthy life style adoption and is becoming an epidemic. She was addressing the teachers, employees and students at awareness and early diagnostic camps regarding diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol and uric acid for university population here on Wednesday. A large number of teachers, employees and students were attended at the medical camps and were medically examined.

In her address, Dr Tahseen Zameer said that elevated serum cholesterol level was one of the most important risk factors for coronary artery disease. She said that undiagnosed type 2 diabetes had become a common condition in our country. She said that screening for the detection of undiagnosed diabetes was very important. She said that by early detection of raised cholesterol and blood sugar levels, we could reduce the risk of developing heart attacks, stroke, kidney failure and loss of vision. She said that for control of raised cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels first and foremost strategy was lifestyle modification advice which included regular walk, healthy food intake and avoidance of junk food. DPNP machine was used to check peripheral nerve sensations and it is pertinent to mention here that very few machines are available in Pakistan and it has been made available especially at Punjab University to check neuropathies.