South Asian Studies, Vol 37, No 1 (2022)

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Critical Event Analysis to Terrorism in an Emerging Economy of Pakistan

Shumaila Umer, Kausar Yasmeen, Kashifa Yasmeen


The widespread suffering caused by terrorism has been discussed at length in the media. Unfortunately, there is a relative paucity of empirical research on the nature and causes of terrorism. The present study examines the issue of terrorism quite modestly, but nonetheless significantly. It finds the root cause that generates numerous other causes which increase the incidence of terrorism. This study is unique in terms of its step-by-step implementation of analysis. In the first phase, the study applies thematic analysis and reveals the general causes of terrorism. In the second phase scrutiny of general causes is done to find the root cause of terrorism and finally, multinomial logistic regression is applied to ensure consistency between the results. Multinomial logistic regression reveals that coefficients of all interaction terms are significant, indicating that the effect of religion, geographic location, international players, and communications technology on terrorism depends on legislation and its strategic implementation. Like Ukraine, Pakistan is geographically significant for international players with respect to the containment of China and trade. Weak legislation in Pakistan facilitates international players not only to change the regime of the country but also to create terror groups that misuse religious schools. This study suggests that legislation must be implemented gradually through strategies; otherwise, policy implementation may have an adverse impact. Legislation helps to protect a country from terrorism in two ways. Firstly, it reduces the likelihood of terrorism entering, and secondly, it helps to combat existing terrorism. Based on the findings, this study also recommends counterterrorism, security officials have to work covertly in the media and other sectors which can impact the severity of terrorism in the country; this entails adopting mimicking factors. We expect that the present study will contribute to social and political improvements and have beneficial effects on the economy.

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