Accounting & Finance Horizons

The Accounting and Finance Horizons (AFH) provides an outlook of research advancements and understandings in the field of accounting and finance. It publishes articles, case studies and book reviews that consider issues regarding Accounting and Finance and all sister fields of finance. It includes papers those are interdisciplinary in nature but the major disciplines covered by AFH are:

• Financial Accounting
• Financial Reporting
• Audit and Assurance
• Taxation
• Tariffs and Duties
• Public Sector Accounting (Governmental Accounting)
• Corporate Auditing & Assurance
• Public Sector Audit
• Management Accounting
• Performance Management
• Islamic Accounting and Finance
• Forensic Accounting
• Corporate Governance
• Corporate Social Responsibility
• Public Finance
• Financial Management
• Corporate Finance
• Entrepreneurial finance

The prime goal of AFH is to disseminate the ideas and thoughts about finance to academicians, researchers, practitioners and all those who can benefit from it. It aims to include paper from all over the world without any discrimination. Papers will be preferred which can be applied at any level and can benefit society.


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