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On-Line Operational Database System for UET Power Plant

Abdul Rauf Bhatti, Yasir Saleem, Abdul Ghafoor Bhatti, Faisal Hayat, Tahir Izhar


Abstract. A power station, the main source of electrical energy, is the principal dynamic entity in any electrical power system.  Almost every active part of it generates information alongside its routine functionality. The present day thermal power stations (TPS) are quite complicated employing numerous sensors and control devices. Every sensor in a TPS generates lot of important data. One fundamental rule concerning data is that to be of value, data must be in the right form in the right place at the right time. At present this information is logged into “Shift Point” and “Load Calculation” registers for this purpose. The client – server database system proposed in this research would replace all kinds of data logging that is presently done in the log sheets. In the first phase of development, the operators in the control room would be able to enter the same information into the client-server database they used to write on the paper sheets. In addition to that the system would also provide an advice for sharing of load demanded by the central dispatch office according to the economical load sharing by making and adding some more features.

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Faculty of Engineering and Technology

University of the Punjab