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Process Model For Information Retrieval Environment For Hearing Impaired

Muhammad Shoaib, Shoail Akhtar, Shazia Arshad



As the Internet usage has exponential increased and the embedding of multimedia content on the Web, some of the Internet resources still remain inaccessible for disable people with disabilities. Mostly, people who are Hard of Hearing or deaf experience inaccessible Web sites because of a lack of Closed Captioning for multimedia content on the Web, there is no sign language equivalent for the content on the Web, and an unsatisfactory evaluation framework for determining that if a Web page is accessible to the Hearing Impaired society. A number of opportunities for accessing web content are needed to be rectified in order to make the Hearing Impaired community to access the full benefits of the information repository on the Internet. This research paper contributes to resolve few of the Web accessibility problems that are being faced by the Hearing Impaired community. The objectives are to generate an automated Closed Captioning for multimedia content the for Web, to develop a framework for the Hearing Impaired community in order to evaluate Web accessibility. Moreover, to build a social network for the deaf community and to embed sign language equivalent for content available on the Web.

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Faculty of Engineering and Technology

University of the Punjab