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Investigations of Thermal Conversion and Kinetics of low-grade coal and bagasse using Thermogravemetric Technique.

Sadiq Hussain, khurram shahzad, kanwar saleem akhtar, Niaz Ahmed Akhtar, Arshad Chughtai


In the present study thermal characterization of most abundantly available indigenous resources of low grade coal (Chamalang) and residue of agricultural waste (bagasse), and various Coal-bagasse blends (by weight) have been investigated, using thermogravimetric techniques. Proximate and ultimate analyses were also performed and heating values were measured. The operating parameters like heating rate (15, 20, & 40 0C/min), feed composition (85/15, 91/9 & 94/6), equivalence ratio (ER value 0.25,30 & 35) that affects the kinetics and thermal conversion process were tested using TGA in non-isothermal mode by maintaining sub-stoichiometric environment. TGA was operated from room temperatures to 950°C and it was observed that these parameters have very pronounced effects on the kinetics and conversion of these fuels. Coal-bagasse blends 91/9 (% w/w), heating rate of 20 0C/min and ER value 0.30 gives the optimum conversion. These parameters also had shown a pronounced effect on the activation energy that was determined by the regression analyses of weight loss data of TGA. .

 TGA results contributed to the thermal characterization of low-grade coal, biomass as blended fuel for gasification. Therefore, understanding of proper thermochemical conversion processes for co-firing established the optimum operating conditions for the gasification reactor.



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Faculty of Engineering and Technology

University of the Punjab