Journal of Media Studies, Vol 32, No 1 (2017)

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Mapping the Roles of Media in Shaping the Misrepresentations and Misconceptions about the Muslim Community in Manipur

Chingiz Khan


Manipur lies in the easternmost part of India, comprising ofdifferent cultures and religious communities. In some major issueslike the impingement of Ikop Lake (the second largest lake inManipur) some Manipuri Muslim youths are linked with Al-Qaeda,a terrorist organization. Media played a crucial role in spreadingsuch conceptions about the Muslims creating a gap in therelationship between the Muslims and other communitiesparticularly Meitei community (local community). Though Muslimsin Manipur have been living in Manipur since seventeenth century,local news talk about Muslims in Manipur as slaves and illegalimmigrants, who have originally, come from Bangladesh to servethe Maharaja of Manipur. This seminal study is an attempt to tracethe advent of Muslims in Manipur, their sacrificing roles in thesociety, culture, economy and polity. It traces the role of media inshaping the misconceptions and misrepresentations about theMuslims in Manipur and creating a rift between the Muslims(Meitei-Pangals) and local community; and possible role of mediafor building an atmosphere for communal harmony.


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