Journal of Media Studies, Vol 29, No 1 (2014)

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Citizens' Role in Nation Branding: A case of Pakistan in terms of Women rights and girls' education

Khola Younas Ansari


Brand image is as important for a nation or country as it is forproducts and companies. Social Media has enabled the citizens to playa significant role in branding of countries and promote their positiveimage. Pakistan is portrayed negatively in terms of women rights andgirls' education in the world. This study aims at finding out the roleplayed by social media users in order to portray a positive image ofPakistan through their tweets regarding women rights and girls'education. Through the content analysis of 449 tweets, the findingsindicate that Pakistan was promoted as a country not giving rights towomen and girls. The negative repute of the country needed theattention of Pakistani social media users in order to paint apraiseworthy image.


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