Journal of Media Studies, Vol 36, No 1 (2021)

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Use Of Constructive Approach In Talk Shows: A Case Of Post Corona Raised Social, Economic And Religious Issues In Pakistan

Aisha Muhammad Din, Ayesha Shahid, Muhammad Abrar


Constructive approach in journalism emphasizes upon reporting of facts to provide solution oriented information. The use of constructive approach in the coverage of post corona social, economic and religious issues on Television talk shows was expected to inculcate positive thoughts among its viewers to overcome the feeling of fear and uncertainty. This study through content analysis, intends to check the use of constructive approach in television talk shows during the coverage of corona related social, economic and religious issues. For this purpose 114 programs of 5 popular TV talk shows on aired during lockdown period have been selected. Further, through purposive sampling, 33 programs with topic of social, economic and religious issues in the wake of Corona outbreak were scrutinized.           These programs were analyzed against constructive coverage index. The dimensions of index include introduction of the show, relevance of the invited guests, presence of different perspectives in discussion, role of anchor person and concluding part of the talk show. The findings reveal that certain ingredients of constructive journalism were missing in talk shows. 


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