Journal of Media Studies, Vol 37, No 1 (2022)

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Social Media, National Security and Perception of Pakistani Millennial

Wajid Zulqarnain, Zaeem Yasin, Naveed Ullah Hashmi


The penetration of social media mainly Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram in Pakistan is very high. At the same time several organizations including political organizations, religious pressure groups, separatists, terrorists and nonstate actors are using social media to promote their ideologies and propagation in favor to achieve their vested interests which can be very detrimental to national security of Pakistan. The young generation (millennials) are captivated by the powerful effects of social media on their daily lives. The study aims to find out the relationship between the users of social media and their perception of the national security of Pakistan. The findings of the study show that national security is an important issue, and the users are aware of its challenges; consequently, they are aware of the harmful use of social media. The results also showed that the youth considered that rumors on social media can create panic among the masses. The majority of the respondents stressed the need for the online vigilance of social media and recommends that concrete steps should be taken for public awareness about this issue.  


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