MYCOPATH is a peer reviewed journal of Myco- phytopathological Society of Pakistan. It is a biannual journal being published from Department of Plant Pathology, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of the Punjab Lahore, Pakistan. It publishes original research, review and brief articles in the discipline of Mycology and Plant Pathology.




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Mycopath is an official Journal of Mycophytopathological Siciety of Pakistan. Papers related to Mycology and Plant Pathology are accepted for Publication.   
Posted: 2021-08-20


Publication in Mycopath is free of cost.   
Posted: 2021-08-20
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Vol 21, No 1 (2023)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Survivability and plant growth promoting traits of Rhizobium aegyptiacum under the stress of fungicides and insecticides PDF
Sukriti Chandra, Dipjyoti Chakraborty
Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using a combination of Urtica dioica and Scrophularia striata plant extracts and evaluation of their antifungal effects against dermatophytes PDF
Mahtab Bolon, Khosrow Chehri, Sajad Moradi, Mohsen Shahlaei
Effect of Sorghum bicolor mycorrhizae on development of tomato in nursery PDF
Kouka Hamidou Sogoba, Alassane Ouattara, Tounwendsida Abel Nana, Sarata Nabelo, Kadidia Koïta
Evaluation of antifungal effect of Parkia biglobosa and Vitellaria paradoxa against selected pathogenic fungi PDF
Entonu E. Entonu, Anayochukwu C. Ngene, Collins E. Odu, Amos O. Ogaji, Hemen W. Nguhemen, Edo G. Ochiheche, Oluwatoyin D. Coulthard, John O. Egbere
Biological management of Bactrocera zonata through an effective delivery system of mycoproteins of Beauveria bassiana integrated with synthetic attractant baits PDF
Sana Sarfaraz, Mirza Abdul Qayyum, Sabeen Alam, Burhan Ullah, Umer Sharif, Sana Ullah, Muhammad Faiq, Asad Nadeem Pasha
Occurrence of two strains of Colletotrichum siamense on Jatropha curcas leaves PDF
Nkechi Gloria Ogbuji, Anthony Eromonsele Ataga
Occurrence of Aspergillus spp. and aflatoxin B1 in stored barley grains marketed in west of Iran PDF
Khosrow Chehri, Hassan Younesi

Review Articles

Myxomycetes (Myxogastria) of Türkiye: A checklist 2023 PDF
Hayri Baba, Mustafa Sevindik

ISSN: 1729-5521