Pakistan Journal of Information Management and Libraries, Vol 21 (2019)

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Factors Affecting the Motivation of Library Paraprofessional Staff Working in University Libraries of Lahore: An Appraisal

Sumaira Hussain, Saira Hanif Soroya


The present study aims at exploring the degree of motivation and professional involvement in the libraries of the universities based in Lahore.  The study is essentially quantitative in research involving survey research method for the data collection. The population of the study was paraprofessionals working in the central libraries of thirty-three HEC (Higher Education Commission, Pakistan) recognized public and private universities in Lahore. For the sake of convenience, a selected group of five respondents was constituted from the central library of each university. The available respondents in thirty three university libraries were eighty five. Data were collected through a structured questionnaire using a pre- developed scale MAWS (Motivation at Work Scale) by Gagne et al. (2010). The results proved that the introjections and inner motivational factors proved the key factors of motivation. Furthermore, the results proved that the library assistants had a higher degree level of motivation than those of library clerks. The employees receiving high salary were more motivated than those who were receiving comparatively low salary. Permanent job holders were more motivated than contract-based employees. Similarly, university sector also proved a factor of motivation. The findings of the study are significant to the administration of university libraries that they should consider these factors to keep their staff motivated and committed to their organization and at their workplace.


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