Pakistan Journal of Information Management and Libraries, Vol 21 (2019)

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Assessing LIS graduates’ ICT skills and job market needs in the Punjab, Pakistan

Muhammad Younus, Muhammad Sajjad




This article aims to explore ICT skills of LIS graduates in the Punjab, Pakistan. It also indentifies the ICT skills needed by information market for absorption of LIS graduates. A mixed methods research design was employed to collect data from LIS graduates and heads of leading libraries in the Punjab through the questionnaire and semi-structured interviews respectively. The findings suggest that LIS graduates possess theoretical knowledge and basic skills of ICT. The majority of graduating students have an intermediate level of ICT skills. Their current ICT skills are not adequate to meet the job market needs. A number of ICT skills that LIS graduates need to possess for employability have been identified. Deficiencies in LIS curricula, the lack of practical training, the paucity of faculty teaching ICT courses and meager ICT facilities are the major factors that hinder the development of students’ ICT skills. The outcomes of the present research will help LIS schools in the Punjab to redesign their curricula by incorporating necessary contents in ICT courses and equip students with ICT skills in accordance with needs of the job market.


ICT skills; LIS graduates; LIS schools; LIS market; Punjab; Pakistan 


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