Pakistan Journal of Information Management and Libraries, Vol 16 (2015)

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Understanding Cotton Growers’ Information Needs from Rural Bahawalpur

Muhammad Asif Naveed, Mumtaz Ali Anwar


This study investigated the information needs of cotton growers residing in two villages in the district of Bahawalpur. Face-to-face interviews were conducted by visiting farms or homes using a semi-structured interview schedule. Data were analyzed by applying descriptive statistics. The results indicated that cotton growers required information, in general, in the areas of soil management and plot preparation, cotton seeds, crop care, and pre- and post- harvesting activities. Moreover, these farmers relied very much upon informal networks (progressive farmers, sales agents, and pesticides dealers) while looking for the needed information. Lack of timely access, illiteracy, infrequent visits of extension staff, and language barrier were the major problems that these farmers faced while getting needed information. The results of this research indicated the need for an integrated agricultural information delivery system for farmers. This research has made a significant contribution in cotton growers' information behavior research.

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