Pakistan Journal of Information Management and Libraries, Vol 16 (2015)

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E-Tax Website Quality: An Evaluation Framework

Sadia Qadar, Amani Moazzam, Nighat Ansari


The study aims to evaluate the e-tax portal of Pakistan on the basis of the opinion of its users. It identifies the critical characteristics of quality that significantly exist in the e-tax portal and the characteristics that need to be given attention by the administrators as they are not up to the mark and do not show their significant presence. The study also highlights the problems faced by the users followed by the suggestions given by them in order to improve the quality of e-tax portal. As far as the practical implication of the study is concerned, it will help the FBR authorities to get an idea about the quality of e-tax website from the point of view of e-tax users which will enable them to take certain measure to improve the quality of e-portal and consequently the service level.

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