Pakistan Journal of Information Management and Libraries, Vol 15 (2014)

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Developing Standards for Library Services in Pakistan: A Critique of Professional Efforts

Mumtaz Ali Anwar


The literature on the development of standards of library service in Pakistan has not been systematically identified, listed, and reviewed. The purpose of this paper is to identify, as far as possible, the work already done and to have a critical look at the accessible literature. Most of the work previously done is based on individual effort and, in general, lacks methodical and systematic approach. In most cases the proposed quantitative standards seem to be excessive and unrealistic which do not seem to be enforceable considering the budgetary situation in Pakistani libraries. Formulation of standards has become critical now due to the changed information environment, enormous growth in academic and research institutions and information-oriented private sector enterprises with a resulting increase in the number of LIS professionals. It is recommended that the Pakistan Library Association should create a permanent structure to work on this area. While preparing these standards, the work done in developing rather than developed countries should be carefully examined.

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