Pakistan Journal of Information Management and Libraries, Vol 14 (2013)

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Job Satisfaction Among Public and Private University/Degree Awarding Institution Librarians of Lahore: A Comparative Study

Moeen Hyder, Syeda Hina Batool


It is a comparative study regarding job satisfaction among librarians who are serving in public (government) and private sector universities/degree awarding institutes in Lahore. Questionnaires were used to collect data from librarians serving in ten HEC (Higher Education Commission) recognized public and private sector universities/institutes in Lahore.
The eight components of job satisfaction were measures derived through literature: physical environment & ICT infrastructure, personal growth, organizational culture, social prestige, salary, rewards, promotion and nature of work.
The study observed that librarians serving in public sector universities were more satisfied as compared to the librarians working in private sector universities. While for some aspects, like promotion, private sector universities provided greater opportunities to librarians, as there is a lack of promotional infrastructure in public sector universities of Lahore. The study suggested that authorities in librarianship should formulate policies regarding job satisfaction such as proper reward system or work incentives, encouraging working environment particularly in public sector, and a proper career infrastructure etc.

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