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by Win Qiu (2020-03-20)

Online Poker Games

Now, instead of being required to disclose how much a player has won or lost, you must disclose the amount that the player has invested, the percentage invested and the percentage of losing bets. The resulting equity is the same but the amount of money used to trade is substantially lower than it was in the past. This explains why so many new players have been able to enjoy an early success with poker online.

Today, the regulations governing this industry also require you to keep detailed records of your profits and losses, provide Agen Poker Online records of every transaction involving the use of your funds, maintain records on numerous types of transactions and confirm that the transaction details are accurate. You must also give a copy of each report to the casino in which you play.

There are other rules that govern the site you register with and online poker sites like Absolute Poker, BlackChip Poker and PartyPoker have regulations as well. If you have yet to register with any of these sites, make sure that you do so prior to August 2020. In fact, once you do, you must continue to adhere to the regulations set forth by them for the next three years.

Most players do not understand the regulation changes and the lack of disclosure. And, it is not just the professionals who may not be following the rules, either. The average new player, who has not done his homework, is unknowingly doing so, as well.

So, be aware of what is going on when you are playing poker online and, if you feel that the game is worth more than the statistics, do not hesitate to make a deposit or two. Then, before long, you may begin to understand the regulations that govern the industry. And, if you are a regular player who realizes that the poker industry is in need of some serious reform, you should keep up the pressure.

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