Journal of the Punjab University Historical Society, Vol 35, No 01 (2022)

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A History Of Development Of Private Schools System In City Mandi Baha-Ud-Din, Punjab

Erum Gul


This is a study of the development of the private educational institutions in the city Mandi Baha-ud-Din (MBDin afterward). It is significant that there has been a tradition of private enterprise in this very field even before independence of the sub-continent. However, these institutions belonged to different communities of Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims living there in the city and its surrounding villages. Independence witnessed the change of composition of the population in both new country of India and Pakistan. The city MBDin is no exception. The new population in the city was Muslim and besides the public schools for girls and boys who were taken over by the new government, they enthusiastically participated in establishing new institutions. However, the characteristics of these changed with the passage of time and the initial ideological observance converted into professionalism. This change is tried to be evaluated by conducting surveys, interviewing parents and teachers of the city. 

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