Punjab University Journal of Mathematics, Vol 52, No 8 (2020)

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A Consequential Computation of Degree Based Topological Indices of Grasmere Geometric Graph

Zeeshan Saleem Mufti, Asma Wajid, Tanweer Ul Islam, Nasir Ali


In this paper, we compute many degree-based topological in-dices like First general Zagreb index, Randic index, ABC-index, Recipro-cal Randic index, Reduced Reciprocal index, Inverse Sum index, Symmet-ric Division index,ABC4,GA5, Multiplicative Randic index and Hyper-Zagreb index for Grasmere Geometric Graph. The graph comprises of acombination of different sized squares and triangles used for classic Vic-torian floor tile designs. Such designs are perfect for hallways, exteriorpaths, and porches as they are fully crystallized and frost resistant

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