Punjab University Journal of Mathematics, Vol 53, No 3 (2021)

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Eventual Periodicity of Linearized BBM Equation using RBFs Meshless Method

Marjan Uddin, Abdullah -, Hameed Ullah Jan


Among the class of dispersive wave equations the BBM equation(Benjamin-Bona-Mahony) is a notable model for long surface gravitywaves inside shallow water with small amplitude propagating unidirectionallyand has been broadly utilized in research facility and in field investigationof water waves. One more specific subjective part of arrangementfor a number of wave equations demonstrated by investigations,which connect along with their large-time behavior named as eventualtime periodicity uncovered across solutions to IBVPs (initial-boundaryvalue-problems). In the present study eventual periodicity of solutions forthe linearized BBM equation (IBVP) on a half-line coupled with periodicboundary condition will be explored numerically utilizing meshless techniquedependent on RBFs.

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