Vol 51, No 5 (2019)


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Application of Taylor Expansion for Fredholm Integral Equations of the First Kind PDF
Mohsen Didgar, Alireza Vahidi
Categorical Characterizations of Some Results on Induced Mappings PDF
Nitakshi Goyal, Navpreet Singh Noorie
Sixth-Order Stable Implicit Finite Difference Scheme for 2-D Heat Conduction Equation on Uniform Cartesian Grids with Dirichlet Boundaries PDF
Kainat Jahangir, Shafiq Ur Rehman, Fayyaz Ahmad, Anjum Pervaiz
New Quartic B-Spline Approximation for Numerical Solution of Third Order Singular Boundary Value Problems PDF
Muhammad Kashif Iqbal, Muhammad Abbas, Bushra Zafar
A Simulated Study of Genetic Algorithm with a New Crossover Operator using Traveling Salesman Problem PDF
Abid Hussain, Yousaf Shad Muhammad, Muhammad Nauman Sajid
A Numerical Approach of Slip Conditions Effect on Nanofluid Flow over a Stretching Sheet under Heating Joule Effect PDF
Hafiz Abdul Wahab
Behavior of an Infinitesimal-Variable-Mass Body in CR3BP; the Primaries are Finite Straight Segments PDF
Abdullah A. Ansari, Rabah Kellil, Ziyad A. Alhussain
Power Digraphs Associated with the Congruence xn ยด y (mod m) PDF
Muhammad Haris Mateen, Muhammad Khalid Mahmood
An Optimal Control of Vaccination Applied to Whooping Cough Model PDF
Muhammad Suleman, Samia Riaz
SEMT Labelings and Deficiencies of Forests with Two Components (I) PDF
Salma Kanwal, Zurdat Iftikhar, Aashfa Azam

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