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Vol 53, No 10 (2021): 53_10 Centre of Unitary Subgroup of Modular Group Algebra’s Abstract   PDF
Saima Parveen, Asia Noor, Farwa Idrees
Vol 52, No 9 (2020): 52-_9 Certain Analogous for Generalized Geometrically Convex Functions with Applications Abstract   PDF
Rehana Ashraf, Arshiya Suhail
Vol 49, No 1 (2017): 49_1 Certain Characterization of m-Polar Fuzzy Graphs by Level Graphs Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Akram, Gulfam Shahzadi
Vol 51, No 3 (2019): 51_3 Certain Properties of Bipolar Fuzzy Soft Topology Via Q-Neighborhood Details   PDF
Muhammad Riaz, Syeda Tayyba Tehrim
Vol 51, No 8 (2019): 51_8 Characterizations of Quantales by the Properties of their (2 ; 2 _q) -Fuzzy (Subquantales) Ideals Abstract   PDF
Saqib Mazher Qurashi, Muhammad Shabir
Vol 54, No 9 (2022): 54_9 Chromatic Index and Line graphs of Neighbourly Irregular Fuzzy Chemical Graphs(GNIFC ) among s-block and p-block elements Abstract   PDF
S. Anjalmose, J. Arockia Aruldoss
Vol 54, No 12 (2022): 54_12 Classes of Ordinary Differential Equations of Length Biased Exponential Distribution and their Solutions Abstract   PDF
Abdul Wahab, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Muhammad Zeshan Ali, Attia Hameed
Vol 54, No 1 (2022): 54_1 Coincidence Point Results in Ordered Metric Spaces and its Application Abstract   PDF
N. Seshagiri Rao, K. Kalyani, K. Prasad
Vol 52, No 10 (2020): 52_10 Common Fixed Point of Multivalued Mappings in Ordered Dislocated Quasi G-Metric Spaces Abstract   PDF
Abdullah Shoaib, Aqeel Shahzad
Vol 44, No 1 (2012): 44_1 Common Fixed Point Theorems for Converse Commuting and OWC Maps in Fuzzy Metric Spaces Abstract   PDF
M. Alamgir Khan, Sumitra -
Vol 51, No 6 (2019): 51_6 Comparative Analysis of Nonlinear Thirteenth Order Boundary Value Problems Utilizing OHAM and HPM Abstract   PDF
Islam Zari, Nadeem Jan, Tahir Saeed Khan
Vol 52, No 9 (2020): 52-_9 Comparative Analysis of Single/multi-step quasi-Newton Methods at Different Delta Values Abstract   PDF
Farah Jaffar, Nudrat Aamir
Vol 53, No 12 (2021): 53_12 Completion of Complex Valued Dislocated Metric Space Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Tahir, Naila Sadaf
Vol 54, No 5 (2022): 54_5 Comprehensive notes on various effects of some operators of fractional-order derivatives to certain functions in the complex domains and some of related implications Abstract   PDF
H¨useyin IRMAK, Teslime Hazal YILDIZ
Vol 52, No 3 (2020): 52_3 Computation of the Values for the Riemann-Liouville Fractional Derivative of the Generalized Poly-logarithm Functions Abstract   PDF
Asifa Tassaddiq, Rana Alabdan
Vol 48, No 1 (2016): 48_1 Computational Method Based on Bernstein Polynomials for Solving a Fractional Optimal Control Problem Abstract   PDF
Mohsen Alipour, Rahmat Ali Khan, Hasib Khan, Kobra Karimi
Vol 46, No 2 (2014): 46_2 Computer Simulation of Fibre Suspension Flow through a Periodically Constricted Tube Abstract   PDF
S. B. Shah, H. Shaikh, M. A. Solagni, A. Baloch
Vol 54, No 2 (2022): 54_2 Convergence of Jungck-Kirk Type Iteration Method with Applications Abstract   PDF
Samet Maldar, Vatan Karakaya
Vol 51, No 10 (2019): 51_10 Convergent Numerical Method Using Transcendental Function of Exponential Type to Solve Continuous Dynamical Systems Abstract   PDF
Fadugba Sunday Emmanuel, Sania Qureshi
Vol 52, No 10 (2020): 52_10 Convex Active Contours with Locally Bias Field Estimator Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Salim Khan, Haider Ali, Noor Badshah, Gohar Ayub Khan
Vol 51, No 8 (2019): 51_8 Copson, Leindler Type Inequalities For Function Of Several Variables On Time Scales Abstract   PDF
Waseem Ahmad, Khuram Ali Khan, Ammara Nosheen, Maroof Ahmad Sultan
Vol 54, No 3 (2022): 54_3 Core Fundamental Groupoid Bundle, Its Sections and Relatedness of Homeomorphisms and Sections Abstract   PDF
Chidanand Badiger, T. Venkatesh
Vol 53, No 7 (2021): 53_7 Corrections and Extensions in Left and Right Almost Semigroups Abstract   PDF
Nisar Ahmad, Syed Aleem Shah, Wali Khan Mashwani, Nasim Ullah
Vol 45, No 1 (2013): 45_1 Coupled Coincidence Point Theorems for (ψ, α, β)-Weak Contractions in Partially Ordered Partial Metric Spaces Abstract   PDF
K.P.R. Rao, K.R.K. Rao
Vol 55, No 4 (2023): 55_4 Coupled fixed point results and application to integral equations Abstract   PDF
Satyendra Kumar Jain, Gopal Meena, J. K. Maitra
Vol 54, No 3 (2022): 54_3 Coupled Gerdjikov-Ivanov System and its Exact Solutions through Darboux Transformation Abstract   PDF
Zaheer Abbas
Vol 50, No 4 (2018): 50_4 Cubic B-spline Solution of Nonlinear Sixth Order Boundary Value Problems Abstract   PDF
Aasma Khalid.A, Muhammad Nawaz Naeem
Vol 54, No 3 (2022): 54_3 Curves Lying on Non-lightlike Surface: Differential Equation for Position Vector Abstract   PDF
Melek Erdogdu
Vol 50, No 1 (2018): 50_1 Cyclic Vector of the Weighted Mean Matrix Operator Abstract   PDF
Ebrahim Pazouki, Bahmann Yousefi
Vol 51, No 2 (2019): 51_2 Decay of a Potential Vortex. Fractional Model Details   PDF
Muhammad Ans Nazar, Constantin Fetecau
Vol 54, No 6 (2022): 54_6 Decision Support System Based on Spherical 2-tuple Linguistic Fuzzy Aggregation Operators and their Application in Green Supplier Selection Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Qiyas, Saleem Abdullah
Vol 49, No 1 (2017): 49_1 Derivations of a Subclass of Filiform Leibniz Algebras Abstract   PDF
AL-Nashri AL- hossain Ahmed
Vol 49, No 2 (2017): 49_2 Derivative Based Hybrid Genetic Algorithm: A Preliminary Experimental Results Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Asim, Javed Iqbal, Muhammad Asif Jan, Javed Iqbal
Vol 51, No 1 (2019): 51_1 Derivatives with Respect to Lifts of the Riemannian Metric of the Format f ~G =S gf +H g on TM Over a Riemannian Manifold (M; g). Abstract   PDF
Vol 54, No 7 (2022): 54_7 Detection of R- Peaks in Electrocardiogram based onWavelet Transform and Wavelet Approximation Abstract   PDF
Imtiyaz Ahmad Wani, Afroz -, Rayees Ahmad
Vol 54, No 9 (2022): 54_9 Development of Hybrid Model for Donations to Deserving Donees Using Multi-Polar Interval-Valued Neutrosophic Soft Set Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Saeed, Sheikh Zain Majid
Vol 53, No 12 (2021): 53_12 Development of the structure of q-Rung Orthopair Fuzzy Hypersoft Set with basic Operations Abstract   PDF
Salma Khan, Muhammad Gulistan, Hafiz Abdul Wahab
Vol 51, No 3 (2019): 51_3 Difference Operations of Soft Matrices with Applications in Decision Making Details   PDF
Huseyin Kamacı, Akın Osman Atagun, Emin Aygun
Vol 47, No 2 (2015): 47_2 Dimension and Depth of Monomial Edge Ideals of Line Graphs and Cycles by using Local Cohomology Abstract   PDF
Sohail Zafar, Zohaib Zahid, Adnan Aslam
Vol 52, No 11 (2020): 52_11 Domain of Binomial Matrix in Some Spaces of Double Sequences Abstract   PDF
Serkan Demiriz, Sezer Erdem
Vol 51, No 1 (2019): 51_1 Dynamical Behavior of Mathematical Model on the Network of Militants Details   PDF
Sultan Hussain
Vol 47, No 1 (2015): 47_1 e−Chaotic Generalized Shift Dynamical Systems Abstract   PDF
Fatemah Ayatollah Zadeh Shirazi, Hooman Zabeti
Vol 51, No 3 (2019): 51_3 Effect of Educational Programs on Illicit Drug Epidemics Abstract   PDF
Reza Memarbashi, Malek Pourhosseini
Vol 48, No 2 (2016): 48_2 Effects of Chemical Reaction on the Unsteady Flow of an Incompressible Fluid over a Vertical Oscillating Plate Abstract   PDF
A. U. Awan, Rabia Safdar, Aneela Shaukat, Aneela Shaukat
Vol 51, No 6 (2019): 51_6 Efficient Nested Implicit Runge–Kutta Methods for Nonlinear Stiff Problems Abstract   PDF
Attique Ur -Rehman, Shafiq Ur Rehman, Junaid Ahmad
Vol 54, No 7 (2022): 54_7 Efficiently Guided Active Contours for Image Segmentation Abstract   PDF
Lutful Mabood, Tahir Ullah, Haider Ali, Noor Badshah
Vol 54, No 8 (2022): 54_8 Eigenvalue method for the solution of multi-compartment model of HIV-AIDS transmission Abstract   PDF
Aaqid Mohi-Ud Din Bhat, Ujwal Warbhe
Vol 51, No 6 (2019): 51_6 Elementary Analysis of Lane-Emden Equation by Successive Differentiation Method Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Khalid, Mariam Sultana, Fareeha Sami Khan
Vol 52, No 5 (2020): 52_5 Estimates for Certain Integral Inequalities on (p, q)-calculus Abstract   PDF
Humaira Kalsoom, Sabir Hussain, Muhammad Amer Latif, Gullnaz Shahzadi
Vol 50, No 1 (2018): 50_1 Estimates of Hermite-Hadamard Inequality for Twice Differentiable Harmonically-Convex Functions with Applications Details   PDF
Muhammad Amer Latif
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